The Fluff

(formerly Furry Patrol)
Chinchilla and small animal rescue organization

What we do

We established the organization in 2018 to officially rescue and help chinchillas and other small animals. We are committed to organizational transparency: we only help homeless chinchillas who lost everything but their problems. We offer aid to ill chinchillas, abandoned pregnant females and all chinchillas whose life is in danger. We act as volunteers – we do not receive any financial benefits for our work. The animals we foster have the best living conditions possible, before we find them new homes. We collaborate with the best vets and pet specialists in the region.

How do we work

We strive to raise awareness within our community of pet owners about responsible care of chinchillas as well as other rodents and rabbits. We promote only responsible adoption. The companies and pet shops we endorse do not sell living creatures. In July 2019 we rescued more than 600 animals from chinchilla farm after a high-profile case. We also take care of chinchillas who are in a very bad condition. They can not move to a new home, so they rely on our hospitality.

We are the only organization in Poland that helps chinchillas at this scale. So far we've found homes for over 1000 fluffy friends, from which around 200 abroad.

Have a look at our chinchillas and volunteers:

For more pictures visit our Instagram: 

How to support us

Virtual adoptions

Virtual adoption means that you support a chinchilla of your choice by making a monthly donation of minimum 20 PLN. You can alternatively order food or herbs, or pay for a medical bill. It is all about a recurring aid, either financial or physical in the form of a supply donation basket.

To appreciate your help and support, we will be sending you photos and videos of the chinchillas, as well as updates on the situation of the chinchilla you have adopted. And, of course, you will be given the Certificate of a Virtual Chinchilla parent!

If you wish to help us in any way, please leave us a message along with your email address or contact us via Facebook Messenger. Then we can send you chinchillas to choose from for your virtual adoption or give you detailed information on how you can help our organization:

Bank transfer / Paypal donation

Bank transfer details:

IBAN: PL 62 1600 1462 1870 2189 1000 0001

Contact us

If you have any questions, we are there for you. Give us a call or e-mail us:

Puchaty patrol (The Fluff Watch)
KRS (National Court Registry number): 0000752777

+48 513 026 972

We can also chat on Messenger: click here to open chat 

Jeśli masz informacje o nieprawidłowym traktowaniu lub nielegalnej hodowli szynszyli lub innych gryzoni, koniecznie daj nam znać. Twoje zgłoszenie będzie anonimowe, a my z pewnością przyjrzymy się sprawie oraz podejmiemy interwencję przy pomocy odpowiednich służb. Zadzwoń lub napisz do nas:

+48 513 026 972